Time to "pack up all my cares and woe" ( song lyrics!) should be "cares and WHOA!" and head west to Colorado for my 37th year teaching dance in Kremmling, Colorado.  It certainly is exciting in many ways to be able to travel back and forth between teaching dance in the summer paradise of Wisconsin and our winters in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  Talk about having the best of both worlds.  Although this may sound a bit glamorous, the reality of packing up two separate households, keeping track of sales tax in two states, shoe and costume inventories, billing, invoicing, and handling yearend accounting issues,  would send most people running for the woods.  Living in two distinctly different climates is challenging too!  Who would leave one winter home for another, when so many are moving SOUTH for those months?! Really good question.

At any rate, the ski hills call me.  I still love to ski those Rockies and snowboard (on warm 30 degree days), and drop into K-Town for a full day of dance with some amazing kids and their families.  We may be dramatic, but the love that dancers release from every ounce of their being, is like none other.  We work hard to improve our skill and technique; create wonderful routines, all the while taking a song and making it ours.  If we make a statement or pull a heartstring, that's fine too.

2019 is coming right at us and gives us another opportunity to re-commit ourselves to making a difference when and where we can, to improve the life of others through kindness and caring in all facets of our lives.   We continue to support the Easter Seals Camps in both Colorado and Wisconsin. 

As always, thank you for your support of Canepa Dance.   It really means alot to have you in our lives. 


PS:  Next summer, Canepa School of Dance is planning to celebrate the "Bertie Thirty" 30 years of Summer Dance in Wisconsin where we have our own rendition of Summer Dance Camp!  If you hope to get onto that AL Ringling Stage, now is the time, people!! I've heard that many of my siblings are showing up to dance Whispering on that stage.  Now THAT would be something! Stay tuned!

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